IRE24.S1-1945 - IRE Standards on Radio Wave Propagation Definitions of Terms Relating to Guided Waves 1945
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These definitions of terms were originally submitted to the Institute with the other terms on radio wave propagation which were published in 1942. They represent an agreement among the principal workers in this field that was obtained under the sponsorship of the Radio Wave Propagation Committee during 1940. These terms were carefully reviewed by the Radio Wave Propagation Committee during numerous meetings, by the Symbols Committee under whose responsibility these definitions were assigned by the Standards Committee when it selected them from the 1942 standards on radio wave propagation and again by the Radio Wave Propagation Committee upon reassignment to it of responsibility for them, and finally by the Standards Committee. They remain substantially the same as they were in 1940. Published with the approval of the Board of Directors, the report embodies the Institute's official recommendations to its members and the industry at large. Suggestions and comments will be welcomed as an aid to committees preparing future reports. Correspondence should be addressed to The Institute of Radio Engineers
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