C57.19.00-1991 - IEEE Standard General Requirements and Test Procedure for Outdoor Power Apparatus Bushings
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Service conditions, rating, general requirements, and test procedures for outdoor apparatus bushings are set forth. They apply to outdoor power apparatus bushings that have basic impulse insulation levels of 110 kV and above for use as components of oil-filled transformers, oil-filled reactors, and oil circuit breakers. The following are not covered: high-voltage-cable terminations (potheads), bushings for instrument transformers, bushings for test transformers, bushings in which the internal insulation is provided by a gas, bushings applied with gaseous insulation (other than air at atmospheric pressure) external to the bushing, bushings for distribution-class circuit breakers and transformers, bushings for automatic circuit reclosures and line sectionalizers, and bushings for oil-less and oil-poor apparatus.
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