IEEE C37.30.3-2018 - IEEE Standard Requirements for High-Voltage Interrupter Switches, Interrupters, or Interrupting Aids Used on or Attached to Switches Rated for Alternating Currents Above 1000 V
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Requirements for interrupter switches, interrupters or interrupting aids used on or attached to switches rated for high-voltage ac above 1000 V and used indoors, outdoors, or in enclosures for non-fault current interrupting for which an interrupting duty is assigned are covered in this standard. It includes preferred ratings, construction, application, loading, installation, and operation and maintenance guidelines. This standard does not apply to load-break separable insulated connectors, circuit breakers, circuit switchers, metal enclosed switchgear, pad-mounted switchgear, reclosers, sectionalizers or other switching devices that are covered by other IEEE standards.
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