IEEE C37.30.1-2011 - IEEE Standard Requirements for AC High-Voltage Air Switches Rated Above 1000 V
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Required ratings, construction requirements, design test requirements, applications, and suggested practices for all high-voltage enclosed indoor and outdoor and non-enclosed indoor and outdoor switches rated above 1000 V are specified. This includes ratings and requirements for such switches as disconnecting, selector, horn-gap, and grounding for manual and power operation, except for interrupter switches, distribution-enclosed single-pole air switches, and distribution cutouts fitted with disconnecting blades. Supersedes IEEE Std C37.30-1997, IEEE Std C37.32-2002, IEEE Std C37.34-1994, IEEE Std C37.35-1995, IEEE Std C37.36b-1990, IEEE Std C37.37-1996.
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