C2-2007 -2006 - NESC VuSpec and PDF Pro Edition [Network License]
Standard Details
You get the complete 2007 NESC in a new point-and-click HTML format as well as the official 2007 NESC in the Classic Adobe PDF format. With internet access, you get exclusive hyperlinks to essential resources including the IEEE Electrical Safety Resource Center, the NESC® Zone, and so much more. New search, linking, and navigational features are available to assist you! No more thumbing through hundreds of pages for cross-referenced material. Just click! Rules are linked together enabling you to move forward and back as you like. Jump to any table in feet or meters with ease. View color-coded changes from the 2002 NESC, copy and paste an important passage, print pages on your inkjet or laser printer. Not satisfied with the size or color of the text Change it. VuSpec is customizable. Starts immediately, no installation or login required. Also includes the NESC Glossary, just key in a term and see its definition. Contact std-ipr@ieee.org for pricing information.
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