IEEE 896.4a-1995 - IEEE Standard for Conformance Test Requirements for Futurebus+(R) - Errata, Corrections and Clarifications
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Errata, corrections, and clarifications to IEEE Std 896.4-1993, as well as a new diskette version of the conformance test suite to replace the original test suite distributed with the 1993 publication of the standard, are provided. IEEE Std 896.4-1993 defines a suite of tests that govern the testing of the requirements of Futurebus+¨ as defined originally in IEEE Std 896.1-1991 and IEEE Std 896.2-1991. This supplement also updates IEEE Std 896.4-1993 so that the requirements of ISO/IEC 10857: 1994 [ANSI/IEEE Std 896.1, 1994 Edition] and IEEE Std 896.2a-1994 are tested.
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