IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1Q-2020/Amd3-2021 - ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard-Telecommunications and exchange between information technology systems -- Requirements for local and metropolitan area networks -- Part 1Q: Bridges and bridged networks AMENDMENT 3: Virtual station interface (VSI) discovery and configuration protocol (VDP) extension to support network virtualization overlays over layer 3 (NVO3)
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Extensions to the Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP) to support using the protocol between an end station and a device doing encapsulation/decapsulation for Network Virtualization Overlays Over Layer 3 (NVO3) are specified in this amendment to IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018. The extensions include adding format types [e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) addresses] and enhancing indication of migration events.
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