IEEE 8802-11:2005/AMD4-2006 - ISO/IEC/IEEE 8802-11:2005/AMD4 [IEEE Std 802.11g-2003] Information technology-- Local and metropolitan area networks-- Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (Mac) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications--Amendment 4: Furthere Higher Data Rate Extension in the 2.4 GHz Band
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Changes and additions to IEEE Std 802.11, 1999 Edition, as amended by IEEE Stds 802.11a-1999, 802.11b-1999, 802.11b-1999/Cor 1-2001, and 802.11d-2001, are provided to support the furthere higher data rate extension for operation in the 2.4 GHz band.
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