IEEE 839-1986 - IEEE Guide on Procedures for Testing Single-Phase and Polyphase Induction Motors for Use in Hermetic Compressors
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This guide specifiers test procedures to determine the efficiency and other performance characteristics of hermetic motors. Hermetic motors are elctric motors designed to operate as integral parts of compressor units in refrigerators, air conditioners, and heat-pump systems. Such motors are normally manufactured for sale as component parts (that is, rotors and stators) intended for assembly by the compressor manufacturer. For this reason, the procedures set forth here are designed to determine characteristics of a given rotor and stator under a standardized set of ambient conditions. Because of the wide variety of environmental conditions possible within a compressor, no attempt is made to simulate such operation. This guide deals with both single-phase and polyphase hermetic induction motors. Where test equipment or methods are critical to the accurate determination of motor performance, one or more suggested approaches are described.
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