IEEE 802.9c-1995 - IEEE Standards for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Supplement to IEEE Std 802.9-1994 - Managed Object Conformance Statement (MOCS) Proforma
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The Managed Object Conformance Statement (MOCS) proforma for IEEE Std 802.9-1994 is provided. The MOCS specified in this supplement pertains to ISLAN4-T, which uses 4.096Mbit/s Physical Layer transport and ISLAN20-T, which uses 20.48 Mbit/s Physical Layer transport. Standardization of ISLAN16-T (IEEE Std 802.9a-1995) and ISLANAU-AU, which specifies the AU-to-AU interworking (IEEEP802.9b) is in progress at this time; therefore, the specification of MOCS for ISLAN16-T and ISLANAU-AU is not included in this supplement.
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