IEEE 802.1t-2001 - IEEE Standard for Information technology - Telecommunications and information exchange between systems - Local and metropolitan area networks - Common specifications - Part 3: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges - Amendment 1: Technical and Editorial Corrections
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Superseded by 802.1D-2004. This amendment to IEEE Std 802.1D, 1998 Edition is intended to documentmaintenance items identified in the text of IEEE Std 802.1D, 1998 Edition (ISO/IEC 15802-3:1998). The document identifies any proposed changes to the text that have arisen as aconsequence of maintenance activity. These are documented in the usual form for Amendments toIEEE 802â standards; i.e., as an explicit set of editing instructions that, if correctly applied to thetext of ISO/IEC 15802-3:1998, will create a corrected document.
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