IEEE 802.17a-2004 - IEEE Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks: Media Access Control (MAC) Bridges - Amendment 1: Bridging of IEEE Std 802.17
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Amendment #1 to IEEE Std 802.1D-2004 The scope of this project is limited to amending 802.1D-2004 to support Bridging of IEEE Std 802.17 MACs. This involves: Adding one subclause to clause 6 of 802.1D describing the service interface mapping between the Internal Sublayer Service and the 802.17 MAC service; Minor changes elsewhere in the document as needed to accommodate support of the additional MAC, including priority mapping in Clause 7 and the PICS Proforma in Annex A. Related Products: IEEE Std 802.17-2004, IEEE 802.1D-2004. The "IEEE Get Program" grants public access to view and download individual PDFs of select standards at no charge. Visit for details.
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