IEEE/AIEE 750.11-1960 - AIEE Report on Aircraft and Missiles Electric Systems Guide Appendices I, II, and III
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This pamphlet is one of a series comprising the Report on Aircraft and Missiles Electric Systems Guide, and has been so printed in order to allow for more convenient revision and addition of Sections as available without necessitating a reprint of the entire Guide. As of the time of printing this pamphlet the available Sections are: No. 750.1-Sections 000- Introduction, 100- Criteria for the Electric System, 200- Principal Subdivisions of Electric System, 300- Selection of the System, No. 750.4-Section 400- Installation Practices, No. 750.5-Sections 500-Equipment Characteristics, 800- Electric System Design Procedures,No. 750.11-Appendices I- Characteristics of Alternating-Current Generators Affecting Their Application II- Distribution System Design, III- Symmetrical Components
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