IEEE 649-1980 - IEEE Standard for Qualilfying Class 1E Motor Control Centers for Nuclear Power Generating Stations
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The manufacturers and users of Class 1E motor control centers are required to provide assurance that such equipment will meet or exceed its specific performance requirements throughout its installed life. This is accomplished through a quality assurance program that includes, but is not limited to, design, qualification, production quality control, installation, maintenance, and periodic testing. This document treats only the qualification portion of the program. The purpose of the qualification program is to provide assurance, by demonstration, that the motor control center is capable of performing its required Class 1E functions before, during, and after the postulated design basis events specified for that equipment. Qualification may be accomplished by testing, analysis, previous operating experience, or a combination thereof. This standard provides qualification procedures for both testing and analysis. Ongoing qualification may be used to extend the qualified life of equipment that has been previously qualified by other means.
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