IEEE 596-1976 - IEEE Standard Parallel Highway Interface System (CAMAC)
Standard Details
The interface system on which this standard is based was developed by the ESONE Committee of European Laboratories with the collaboration of the NIM Committee of the U. S. Energy Research and Development Administration (ERDA). This standard is supplementary to IEEE Std 583-1975 Modular Instrumentation and Digital Interface System (CAMAC), and is based on ERDA Reports TID-25876, March 1972 (corresponding to ESONE Report EUR 4600e) and TID-25877. The mandatory features in this standard are identical to those in the proceeding reports and in the corresponding publication of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that is currently being processed. A serial highway interface system, also intended for use with IEEE Std 583-1975, is defined in IEEE Std 595-1976, Serial Highway Interface System.
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