55 IRE 2.S1-1955 - IRE Standards on Antennas and Waveguides: Definitions for Waveguide Components, 1955
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A set of definitions of basic waveguide terms prepared by the Technical Committee on Antennas and Waveguides was published as IRE Standards in December, 1953 (53 IRE 2. SI). The present Standards on Waveguide Components, Definitions of Terms, represent an extension of the work of this committee from 1953 to 1955. Waveguide component terms have not previously been standardized by the IRE; however, with continuing development in this field the need for such definitions has become increasingly apparent. The present list comprises only the more general, basic and established terms. For example, Waveguide Transformer is defined but the many specific types of waveguide transformer such as Double Stub Transformer, Quarter-Wave Sleeve Transformer, Probe Transformer, Eccentric Line Transformer, and others are not defined
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