IEEE/ISO/IEC 42030-2019 - ISO/IEC/IEEE International Standard - Software, systems and enterprise -- Architecture evaluation framework
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This document complements the architecture-related processes identified in ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020, ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288, ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207 and ISO 15704 with a framework in support of architecture evaluation. It especially supports the Architecture Evaluation process in ISO/IEC/IEEE 42020. Implementing the principles and concepts in this framework will help ensure that the architecture has greater influence on business and mission success. It specifies a coherent set of elements for use in evaluation synthesis, value assessment and architectural analysis. Users of this standard can apply the framework in the context of: (1) determination of the suitability of a proposed architecture; (2) choosing among architecture alternatives; and (3) assessing the mission or business impact from the use of a new architecture or change to an established architecture.
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