IEEE 380-1975 - IEEE Definitions of Terms Used in IEEE Standards on Nuclear Power Generating Stations
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All of the terms and definitions in this document have been taken from current IEEE standards on nuclear power generating stations. The source of each definition is indicated by a number in brackets immediately following the definition in Section 1, and full listings of each standard follow in Section 2. As defined herein, the terms are restricted to the manner in which they have been employed in mentioned standards, and the definitions may not, in all cases, be applicable for broader usage. However, because the IEEE standards on nuclear power generating stations have had wide acceptance within both government and industry, the terms, as used in these documents, have come into broad usage by many persons who neither need the standards nor have ready access to them. Since these terms are not included in American National Standard Glossary of Terms in Nuclear Science and Technology, Nl.1-1967, the present document has been published as a convenient method of supplementing that standard.
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