IEEE 272-1970 - IEEE Standard for Computer-Type (Square-Loop) Pulse Transformers
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This standard pertains to computer-type pulse transformers. These pulse transformers are characterized by their use of a square loop core material as defined below with normal operation into the saturation flux density regions and with typical operation using a specifically defined current input pulse. These transformers exploit the memory characteristic of square-loop core material that makes the output pulse dependent upon the immediate history of the core flux. This type of transformer is used in shift registers, memory across switches, memory readout circuits, transformer logic matrices, and other storage-type devices. It is not the purpose of this standard to include large-scale memories. Wherever numerical requirements are indicated, they may be considered as recommended values. Appendix I contains a core analysis, transformer equivalent circuit, and definitions of associated terms. Appendix II contains definitions pertaining mainly to characteristic testing of computer-type pulse transformers.
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