IEEE 1827-2016 - IEEE Guide for Electrical and Control Design of Hydroelectric Water Conveyance Facilities
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Electrical and control design of water conveyance facilities associated with hydroelectric projects including associated penstocks, valves, and gates are described in this guide. Guidance to plan and prepare designs is included. Installation, peration, or maintenance guideline and methodologies are not included. Design of new facilities and rehabilitation or replacement of existing facilities is covered. Comprehensive considerations for design, monitoring, control, protection, and operation of water conveyance facilities associated with hydroelectric projects is provided. Guidance in electrical and instrumentation work unique to water conveyance systems is provided. Guidance for the safe control of water release systems, bypass systems, and failure modes are provided. Reliability measures such as redundancy and power source considerations are provided. Gate and valve types and associated operating mechanisms are introduced. Power and non-power water conduits including penstocks, tunnels, and canals are covered.
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