1680-2006 - IEEE Standard for Environmental Assessment of Personal Computer Products, including Laptop Personal Computers, Desktop Personal Computers, and Personal Computer Monitors
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IEEE Std 1680-2006 provides a set of environmental performance criteria for notebook computers, desktop computers, and computer monitors. In addition, it defines the methods by which manufacturers may declare such products as conforming with the Standard and by which such conformance may be verified. The Standard provides a measure of environmental leadership in product design, manufacture, service and end-of-life management. It is intended for use by institutional purchasers to select personal computer products, and by product manufacturers who wish to sell such products. There are three levels of conformance with this Standard. To achieve the first level, the product shall conform to all of the 23 required environmental criteria. To achieve the second level, the product shall conform to all of the required criteria plus at least 50% of the 28 optional criteria, and to achieve the third level the product shall conform to all the required criteria and at least 75% of the optional criteria. It is intended that this Standard shall be a baseline for further environmental standards for additional electronic products and shall be updated and revised on a periodic basis to continue to set a higher performance standard for leadership products.
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