IEEE 15802-4-1994 - ISO/IEC 15802-4:1994, Information Technology -- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems -- Local and metropolitan area networks -- Common specifications -- Part 4: System load protocol
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Administratively Withdrawn in January 2004 - Not available to Resellers. Please refer to WE16535. (Incorporates ANSI/IEEE Std 802.1E-1990 and ANSI/IEEE Std 802.1m-1993) (Adopted by ISO/IEC and redesignated as ISO/IEC 15802-4:1994) This IEEE Standards product is part of the 802 family on LAN/MAN. Services and protocol elements that permit the downloading of memory images to data processing equipment attached to IEEE 802 Local and Metropolitan Area Networks are defined. The protocol makes use of the group addressing capabilities inherent in LAN/MAN technologies to permit simultaneous loading of the same memory image to multiple destination systems. The standard includes the specification of managed objects that permit the operation of the load protocol to be remotely managed.
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