IEEE 15288-2004 - Adoption of ISO/IEC 15288:2002 Systems Engineering-System Life Cycle Processes
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Superseded by ISO/IEC/15288:2008(E) (IEEE Std 15288-2008). IEEE adoption of ISO/IEC Std 15288-2002. This standard establishes a common framework for describing the life cycle of systems created by humans. It defines a set of processes and associated terminology. These processes can be applied at any level in the hierarchy of a system’s structure. Selected sets of these processes can be applied throughout the life cycle for managing and performing the stages of a system's life cycle. This is accomplished through the involvement of all interested parties with the ultimate goal of achieving customer satisfaction. This standard is identical with ISO/IEC 15288: 2002 but contains an additional informative annex, Annex E, explaining the relationship of this standard to other IEEE standards.
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