IEEE 1234-2007 - IEEE Guide for Fault Locating Techniques on Shielded Power Cable Systems
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The introduction of cables with extruded dielectric insulation and of modern splicing technology has imposed new conditions and restrictions on cable fault locating. The use of excessive high voltages and energies during AC, DC and surge testing of service-aged power cable systems with extruded dielectric insulation may overstress insulation, creating defects which become faults after the cables are returned to service. This guide is intended to be applied to medium voltage distribution cables. Medium voltage distribution systems generally operate at system voltages above 1kV and up to 34.5 kV nominal. The end user of the cable circuit should evaluate the necessity for verifying the integrity of extruded dielectric insulated cables, and, if they are in critical service, proceed to perform the high voltage/energies testing. If not detected during dielectric tests, defects in dielectric materials may result in cable failures during the transient voltage surge episodes while in service.
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