IEEE 1046-1991 - IEEE Application Guide for Distributed Digital Control and Monitoring for Power Plants
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Withdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Feb 06, 2006. Alternate approaches to applying a digital control system, for both new construction and existing plant modernization projects, are described, and their advantages and disadvantages are compared. Criteria to be used to judge the suitability of commercially available systems for use in the power generation industry are provided. Terminology is defined, and the objectives of distributed control and monitoring systems are described. The following system application issues are addressed: integrated versus segregated systems functional and geographic distribution, hierarchical architecture and automation, control and protection functions, input/output systems, environmental considerations, and documentation. The data communications structure and the functions that support it are considered. Data acquisition and monitoring (the man/machine interfaces) are discussed. Reliability, availability, and fault tolerance of distributed control and monitoring systems are addressed.
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