IEEE 1017.2-2021 - IEEE Approved Draft Recommended Practice for Specifying Electric Submersible Pump Cable--Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Insulation
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Minimum requirements for the design, construction, manufacturing, testing, purchasing, and application of electric submersible pump (ESP) cable are presented. The cable is round or flat, with ethylene–propylene rubber insulation, nitrile jacket, ethylene–propylene diene monomer (EPDM) jacket or metallic barrier, and armor or encapsulating material. These cables are for voltages not exceeding 8 kV (phase to phase) and conductor temperatures not exceeding 140 ºC (284 ºF) for nitrile or a maximum of 232 ºC (450 ºF) for EPDM jacket or metallic barrier cable. Conductors, insulation, barrier (optional), assembly with or without jacket, armor, requirements for testing by the manufacturer, and cable ampacity are all covered in the document.
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