PN42.62 - Standard for Passive Radiation Imaging Systems
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Passive Imaging Radiation Devices (PIRDs) consist of a gamma-ray or neutron detector(s) and an imaging camera(s) which, when combined, may provide up to 360? coverage relative to the location of the PIRD. They measure gamma-ray or neutron radiation emissions and combine the results with an optical image of the measurement area so as to localize and identify sources of radiation. No radiation is emitted by the PIRD as indicated by the term “passive.” Neutron PIRDs detect and localize radioactive material using neutron signatures. For either gamma-ray or neutron PIRDs, localization is achieved visually by combining the measured radiation intensities with a digital image of the measured surface or area. The standard establishes appropriate and attainable radiation and image response functionality, and environmental performance requirements based on expected use.
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