PN42.59 - Standard for Measuring the Imaging Performance of Millimeter-Wave Systems for Security Screening of Humans
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This standard defines a set of Image Quality Indicators (IQIs) that may be used by security screening systems that utilize millimeter wave (MMW) radiation to actively inspect persons who are not inside vehicles, containers, or enclosures. The standard's IQIs apply to systems used to detect objects carried on the body of the individual being exposed. For the purposes of this standard, the test objects are appropriately applied to systems that use probe radiation from 3 GHz to 150 GHz (100 mm to 2 mm). Each IQI has a specified test phantom, test method, and objective analysis algorithm. The imagery that is the focus of this standard is that presented to the Automated Threat Recognition (ATR) algorithm, not the image presented to a human screener.
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