P982.1 - Standard for Measures of the Software Aspects of Dependability
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This standard identifies, classifies, and defines measures of the software aspects of dependability. As such, it provides a framework for acquirers and developers of software-reliant systems and services to (1) select and specify requirements for the software aspects of dependability and (2) develop and apply methods and tools to continually assess and verify these requirements throughout the life cycle. This standard is applicable to any software system or service. It particularly targets critical systems for which reliability, maintainability, availability, security, and, in some operational contexts, safety, usability, and privacy are essential characteristics. Examples of critical systems include those supplying communications infrastructure, emergency services, energy production and management, financial analysis and management, health care (medical and administrative services), defense capabilities, personal and mass transportation services, environmental monitoring, and water and waste management. As a catalog of measures, this standard a. Defines key terms, with references to relevant IEEE and ISO/IEC standards. b. Introduces a categorized set of measurable attributes of the software aspects of dependability. c. Discusses the selection of measures for a given system and operational context. d. Lists the measures. e. Describes the framework used to define the measures. f. Specifies selected measures, i.e., provides example measurement specifications using the framework and, as applicable, identifies related standards that define key terms or guidance for implementing the measures. g. Provides annexes containing a bibliography and supplemental information to support use of the measures.
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