P82079-1 - IEEE/IEC International Draft Standard Preparation of Information for Use (Instructions for Use) of Products - Part 1: Principles and General Requirements
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This part of ISO/IEC 82079 provides principles and general requirements for the creation and provision of information for use of products, available electronically or printed, which are * necessary for the safe use, * helpful for the efficient and effective use, or * needed to fulfil market and regulatory requirements. Information for use of products includes instructions for use, service manuals, installation guides, operation and maintenance instructions, and assembly instructions for systems and software. The term "product" includes systems, software, and services. It includes both products intended for consumer use and for industrial use; financial, social, or customer services; and complex system-of-systems such as power plants, refineries, and factories. This International Standard may be helpful for developing the following types of documentation, although it does not cover all aspects of them: computer-based training (CBT) packages and specialized course materials intended primarily for use in formal training programs This International Standard neither encourages nor discourages the use of either printed or electronic tools or methodologies.
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