P62582-1 - Nuclear power plants - Instrumentation and control important to safety - Electrical equipment condition monitoring methods - Part 1: General
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This part of IEC/IEEE 62582 contains requirements for application of the other parts of IEC/IEEE 62582 related to specific methods for condition monitoring in electrical equipment important to safety of nuclear power plants. It also includes requirements which are common to all methods. IEC/IEEE 62582 specifies condition monitoring methods in sufficient detail to enhance the accuracy and repeatability, and provide standard formats for reporting the results. The methods specified are applicable to electrical equipment containing organic or polymeric materials. Some methods are specially designed for the measurement of the condition of a limited range of equipment whilst others can be applied to all types of equipment for which the organic parts are accessible. Although the scope of IEC/IEEE 62582 is limited to the application of instrumentation and control systems important to safety, the condition monitoring methods may be applicable also to other components which include organic or polymeric materials. The different parts of IEC/IEEE 62582 are measurement standards, primarily for use in the management of ageing in initial qualification and after installation. For the technical background of condition monitoring methods, reference is made to other IEC standards, e.g. IEC 60544-5. Information on the role of condition monitoring in the qualification of equipment important to safety is found in IEC/IEEE Std 60780-323. General information on management of ageing can be found in IEC 62342 and IEEE 1205. NOTE The procedures defined in IEC/IEEE 62582 are intended for detailed condition monitoring. A simplified version of the procedures may be appropriate for preliminary assessment of the need for detailed measurements.
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