P61886.3 - Subsea Equipment – Part 3: Subsea Motors
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This standard defines the requirements for operation and design of three phase subsea liquid filled motors and subsea gas filled motors with a minimum rated power of 375 kW and with rated voltages up to and including 13.8 kV. This standard includes induction motors, permanent magnet motors and machines having an integrated load (e.g. a pump or compressor). This standard is applicable to variable speed motors and to single speed motors (also called Direct On Line motors). Considering the unique operational environment, this standard specifies additional requirements while consolidating applicable requirements from API standard 541 (for induction motors) and API standard 546 (for brushless synchronous motors), as well as IEC 60034, NEMA MG1 or IEEE 112 that are appropriate for electric motors used in a subsea environment. The scope of the document excludes motors rated for nominal system voltages 1000 volts or less and subsea electric submersible pump (ESP) motors.
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