P2688 - Recommended Practice for Energy Storage Management Systems in Energy Storage Applications
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This document provides a recommended practice for the development and deployment of Energy Storage Management Systems (ESMS) in grid applications. It includes a set of core functions of ESMS software and core capabilities of ESMS hardware, addressing the fundamental requirements for operating energy storage systems (ESSs) in grid applications. The software functions include: dispatch of real and reactive power of single or multiple ESSs to provide grid services; monitoring, estimation and visualization of system states (e.g., power flow, voltage, current, ESS state of charge, etc.), including safety sub-system alarms. The hardware capabilities include: sensing, control and communication. The term ESMS covers a range of systems, including those commonly referred to as power management systems (PMS), power-plant controllers (PPC), microgrid controllers, and energy management systems (EMS).This document does not cover management systems for mobile applications such as electric vehicles; nor does it include operation in vehicle-to-grid applications.
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