P2657 - Guide on Energy Feedback Systems for DC Traction Power Supply System
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This guide specifies the requirements and testing methods for a stationary energy feedback system to be used in trackside installations for a DC electrified railway power supply network. This system can harvest electric energy from the DC power supply network and feed the energy back to the AC power supply network. This guide covers terms and definitions, rating values, performance requirements, and test requirements. Performance requirement include efficiency, temperature, lifetime, control and protection, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and mechanical characteristics. Test requirement will cover methods and criteria for type test, routine test, and commissioning test. This guide covers systems that are installed to achieve the feedback of regenerative energy or power compensation. However, the systems which have the following functions but are not apart an energy feedback system are not included: * Resistive consumption of regenerated power * Energy storage system * Bidirectional converter systems (etc. reversible substation) instead of diode rectifiers and inverters Although it is assumed that the system uses the following typical semiconductor devices as the converter switch component, this guide is intended to apply to other existing or future devices: * Thyristor * Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT)
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