P1900.5.2 - Standard Method for Modeling Spectrum Consumption
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This standard defines a vendor-independent generalized method for modeling spectrum consumption of any type of use of radio frequency (RF) spectrum and the attendant computations for arbitrating the compatibility among models. The methods of modeling are chosen to support the development of tractable algorithms for determining the compatibility between models and for performing various spectrum management tasks that operate on a plurality of models. The models are used not only to capture consumption but also to specify available spectrum, to give policy on what spectrum may be used, and to request spectrum for use. The modeling methods are exclusively focused on capturing spectrum use boundaries but are defined in a schema that can be joined with other schemata related to spectrum management and its processes. This standard defines the data requirement for spectrum consumption models (SCMs), provides data rules that ensure an SCM is valid, and provides two schemas, JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and XML Schema Definition (XSD), to support SCM data exchange. The data elements and their meaning are the critical parts of the modeling and may be expressed by any data schema if content and context are preserved.
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