P1613-2009/Cor 1 - Standard Environmental and Testing Requirements for Communications Networking Devices Installed in Electric Power Substations - Corrigendum 1: Corrected definition of "communications port"
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This document specifies standard service conditions, standard ratings, environmental performance requirements, and testing requirements for communications networking devices and communications ports in protective relays installed in electric power substations. It does not cover such equipment designed for operation in other environments, such as office locations. Other than their communications ports, it does not cover such equipment used in protective relaying applications, for which IEEE Std C37.90TM-2007 [B8],1,2 IEEE Std C37.90.1TM-2002 [B9], IEEE Std C37.90.2TM-2004 [B10], and IEEE Std C37.90.3TM-2001 [B11] shall apply.
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