P1484.21 - Task Model for Project-based Learning
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The Task Model for Project-based Learning (TMPL) standard specifies the metadata required to describe a small real-world work project that is a suitable learning opportunity, e.g., for a student intern or lifelong learner. The work project could be stand-alone or a part of a collaborative work activity. The TMPL standard enables applications to share data about work projects in a consistent way with all of the information needed to match projects with learners' background, objectives, and constraints. These applications might help managers find student team members or help learners gain experience by finding real-world tasks that develop a needed competency. The standard allows learners to conduct a single search across all conforming task registries to find appropriate tasks. The standard is complimentary and conformant to IEEE 1484.20 Standard for Learning Technology--Data Model for Reusable Competency Definitions.
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