P115 - IEEE Draft Guide for Test Procedures for Synchronous Machines Including Acceptance and Performance Testing and Parameter Determination for Dynamic Analysis
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This guide contains instructions for conducting generally applicable and accepted tests to determine the performance characteristics of synchronous machines. Although the tests described are applicable in general to synchronous generators, synchronous motors (larger than fractional horsepower), synchronous condensers, and synchronous frequency changers, the descriptions make reference primarily to synchronous generators and synchronous motors. The tests described may be applied to motors and generators, as needed, and no attempt is made to partition this guide into clauses applying to motors and clauses applying to generators. It is not intended that this guide shall cover all possible tests or tests of a research nature, but only general methods that may be used to obtain performance data. The schedule of factory and field tests, which may be required on new equipment, is normally specified by applicable standards or by contract specifications. This guide should not be interpreted as requiring any specific test in a given transaction or implying any guarantee about specific performance indices or operating conditions. The term specified conditions for tests as used in this guide will be considered as rated conditions unless otherrewise agreed upon. Rated conditions apply usually to the quantities listed on the machine nameplate.
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