Registration Authority

IEEE offers Registration Authority programs or registries which maintain lists of unique identifiers under standards and issue unique identifiers to those wishing to register them. The IEEE Registration Authority assigns unambiguous names to objects in a way which makes the assignment available to interested parties.
PSID values (hex) P-encoded PSID values (hex) Notes Organization/ Documentation #Number of values (decimal)
0x00 0p00 system ISO 15628a 1
0x01 0p01 electronic-fee-collection ISO 14906 1
0x02 0p02 freight-fleet-management ISO 15628 1
0x03 0p03 public-transport ISO 15628 1
0x04 0p04 traffic-traveller-information ISO 15628 1
0x05 0p05 traffic-control ISO 15628 1
0x06 0p06 parking management ISO 15628 1
0x07 0p07 geographic-road-database ISO 15628 1
0x08 0p08 medium-range-preinformation ISO 15628 1
0x09 0p09 man-machine-interface ISO 15628 1
0x0A 0p0A intersystem-interface ISO 15628 1
0x0B 0p0B automatic-vehicle-identification ISO 17264 1
0x0C 0p0C emergency-warning ISO 15628 1
0x0D 0p0D private ISO 15628 1
0x0E 0p0E multi-purpose-payment ISO 15628 1
0x0F 0p0F dsrc-resource manager ISO 15628 1
0x10 0p10 after-theft-systems ISO 15628 1
0x11 0p11 cruise-assist-highway-system ISO 15628 1
0x12 0p12 multi-purpose-information-system ISO 15628 1
0x13 0p13 multi-mobile-information-system ISO 15628 1
0x14 0p14 efc-compliance-check-communication ISO TS 12813 1
0x15 0p15 efc-localisation-augmentation ISO TS 13141 1
0x16 to 0x1C 0p16 to 0p1C reserved for ISO/CEN-dsrc-applications ISO 15628 7
0x1D to 0x1E 0p1D to 0p1E reserved for private use ISO 15628 2
0x1F 0p1F reserved for ISO/CEN-dsrc-applications ISO 15628 1
0x20 0p20 vehicle to vehicle safety and awareness SAE J2945/1, SAE J2945/2 1
0x21 0p21 limited sensor vehicle to vehicle safety and awareness SAE J2945 1
0x22 0p22 rail vehicle safety and awareness SAE J2945 1
0x23 0p23 WAVE security management IEEE Std 1609.2 1
0x24 0p24 CA Basic Service ETSI 1
EN 302 637-2
0x25 0p25 DEN Basic Service ETSI 1
EN 302 637-3
0x26 0p26 Misbehavior reporting for common applications CAMP 1
0x27 0p27 Vulnerable Road Users Safety Application SAE J2945/9 1
0x28 to 0x7E 0p28 to 0p7E   Not allocated  
0x7F  0p7F Testingb IEEE P1609 WG 
  2-octet p-encoded values:    
0x80 0p80-00 differential GPS corrections, uncompressed SAE J2945 1
0x81 0p80-01 differential GPS corrections, compressed SAE J2945 1
0x82 0p80-02 intersection safety and awareness SAE J2945 1
0x83 0p80-03 traveller information and roadside signage SAE J2945 1
0x84 0p80-04 mobile probe exchanges SAE J2945 1
0x85 0p80-05 emergency and erratic vehicles present in roadway SAE J2945 1
0x86 0p80-06 Remote ITS station management protocol—Remote Management Protocol Execution (RMPE) ISO 24102-2 1
0x87 0p80-07 WAVE Service Advertisement IEEE Std 1609.3  
0x88 0p80-08 Peer-to-peer distribution of Security Management Information CAMP 1
0x89 0p80-09 Traffic Light Manoeuver Service (TLM) ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x8A 0p80-0A Road and Lane Topology Service (RLT) ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x8B 0p80-0B Infrastructure to Vehicle Information Service (IVI) ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x8C 0p80-0C TLC Request Service (SREM) ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x8D 0p80-0D GeoNetworking Management Communications (GN-MGMT) ETSI EN 302 636-4-1 1
0x8E 0p80-0E
Cooperative automation (CA) message for cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) SAE J2945/6 1
0x8F 0p80-0F V2X-based fee collection SAE J3217 1
0x01-00 0p80-80 Certificate Revocation List Application CAMP 1
0x01-01 to
0p80-81 to
  Not allocated  
0x02-6E 0p81-EE Certificate Revocation List (CRL) service ETSI TS 102 941 1
0x02-6F 0p81-EF Secured certificate request service ETSI TS 102 941 1
0x02-70 0p81-F0 Certificate Trust List (CTL) service ETSI TS 102 941 1
0x02-71 0p81-F1 Controlled Zone Management (CZM) CEN TC278 WI 00278501 1
0x02-72 0p81-F2 Contextual Speed CEN ISO TS 17426 1
0x02-73 to
0p81-F3 to
  Not allocated

0x02-7D 0p81-FD TLC Status Service (SSEM) ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x02-7E 0p81-FE VRU basic awareness service ETSI TS 103 300 1
0x02-7F 0p81-FF Collective Perception Service (CPS) ETSI TS 103 324 1
0x02-80 to
0p82-00 to
  Not allocated  
0x06-50 0p85-D0 TMS message set parser CEN TS 17241 1
0x06-51 0p85-D1 eCall CEN TC278 WI00278453 1
0x06-52 to
0p85-D2 to
  Not allocated  
0x3E-80 to 0pBE-00 to Reservedc IEEE P1609 WG 416
0x40-1F 0pBF-9F
0x40-20 to 0pBF-A0 to Unregistered used IEEE P1609 WG 64
0x40-5F 0pBF-DF
0x40-60 to 0pBF-E0 to Testingb IEEE P1609 WG 32
0x40-7F 0pBF-FF
  3-octet p-encoded values:    
0x40-80 0pC0-00-00 Cooperative Awareness Message (CAM) processor (deprecated) ETSI 1
0x40-81 0pC0-00-01 Decentralized Environmental Notification Message (DENM) processor (deprecated) ETSI 1
0x40-82 0pC0-00-02 Vehicle initiated distress notification Wyoming DOT 1
0x40-83 to
0pC0-00-03 to
  Not allocated  
0x08-40-81 0pC8-00-01 ETSI Service Announcement ETSI TS 102 890-1 V1.1.1 1
0x08-40-82 0pC8-00-02 GPC-GNSS ETSI TS 103 301 1
0x08-40-83 to
0pC8-00-03 to
  Not allocated

0x20-3C-80 to
0pDF-FC-00 to
Testingb IEEE P1609 WG 1023
0x20-40-7F 0pDF-FF-FF   Not allocated 1
  4-octet p-encoded values:    
0x20-40-80 0pE0-00-00-00 Fast Service Announcement Protocol (FSAP) ISO 22418 1
0x20-40-81 0pE0-00-00-01 ITS-station Internal management Communications Protocol (IICP) ISO 24102-4 1
0x20-40-82 0pE0-00-00-02 Veniam delay tolerant networking 1
0x20-40-83 0pE0-00-00-03 Transcore software update Transcore, Inc. 1
0x20-40-84 to 0pE0-00-00-04 to SRA Private use SRA, Inc. 4
0x20-40-87 0pE0-00-00-07
0x20-40-88 0pE0-00-00-08 Over-the-air File Broadcast Siemens Industry, Inc. 1
0x20-40-89 0pE0-00-00-09 Data Log Transfer Siemens Industry, Inc. 1
0x20-40-8A 0pE0-00-00-0A CV Pilot Application 3 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-8B 0pE0-00-00-0B CV Pilot Application 4 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-8C 0pE0-00-00-0C CV Pilot Application 5 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-8D 0pE0-00-00-0D CV Pilot Application 6 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-8E 0pE0-00-00-0E WYDOT Data Log Transfer WYDOT 1
0x20-40-8F 0pE0-00-00-0F WYDOT Over the Air Update WYDOT 1
0x20-40-90 0pE0-00-00-10 CV Pilot Application 9 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-91 0pE0-00-00-11 CV Pilot Application 10 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-92 0pE0-00-00-12 CV Pilot Application 11 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-93 0pE0-00-00-13 CV Pilot Application 12 Crash Avoidance Metrics Partners LLC 1
0x20-40-94 0pE0-00-00-14 NYC CV PIlot Data Upload Transcore, Inc 1
0x20-40-95 0pE0-00-00-15 CV Pilot traffic signal priority status USDOT 1
0x20-40-96 0pE0-00-00-16 CV Pilot traffic signal request USDOT 1
0x20-40-97 0pE0-00-00-17 CV Pilot MAP distribution USDOT 1
0x20-40-98 0pE0-00-00-18 Peloton Platooning Service Peloton Technology, Inc 1
0x20-40-99 0pE0-00-00-19 Road Weather Applications SAE J2945/3 1
0x20-40-9A 0pE0-00-00-1A Honda Private Service S1 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 1
0x20-40-9B 0pE0-00-00-1B Honda Private Service S2 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 1
0x20-40-9C 0pE0-00-00-1C Honda Private Service S3 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 1
0x20-40-9D 0pE0-00-00-1D Honda Private Service S4 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 1
0x20-40-9E 0pE0-00-00-1E Honda Private Service S5 Honda R&D Americas, Inc. 1
0x20-40-9F 0pE0-00-00-1F R-ITS-S Ranging Service (RRS) ETSI EN 302 890-2 1
0x20-40-A0 0pE0-00-00-20 Distribution of Activation Codes for Pseudonym Certificates IEEE Std 1609.2.1 1
0x20-40-A1 to
0pE0-00-00-21 to
  Not allocated  
0x10-20-3C-80 to
0pEF-FF-FC-00 to
Testingb IEEE P1609 WG 1022
0x10-20-40-7E 0pEF-FF-FF-FE IPv6 routing IEEE Std 1609.3 1
0x10-20-40-7F 0pEF-FF-FF-FF Error indicator "unknown / invalid ITS application" ISO 22418 1
0x90 to 0xFF 0p80-10 to 0p80-7F   Not allocated  

a Values are listed in ISO 15628 as dsrcApplicationEntityId (AID).

b A PSID value allocated to the IEEE 1609 working group (WG) for testing purposes is not identified with a standard application area. It is expected to be used only in testing environments, not to convey information about deployed applications. The meaning associated with a given testing PSID value will be specific to the testing environment in which it is used. The means by which a WAVE device determines the meaning of a testing PSID value are outside the scope of this standard.

c A reserved PSID value is not available for allocation in the current version of the standard. The IEEE 1609 WG may allocate the reserved values in a future version.

d A PSID value allocated to the IEEE 1609 WG for unregistered use is not identified with a standard application area. A set of WAVE devices can use an unregistered value to convey a mutually agreed meaning. Both the meaning and the means by which the devices determine the meaning are outside the scope of this standard. There is no assurance that all devices operating in a given area attach the same meaning to the value.