IEEE Sensors Certification Committee

Sensors Certification ImageTo apply for membership in the IEEE Sensors Certification program development, complete the following steps:

  1. Please read this membership information and the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) Policy.
  2. Carefully read this membership agreement. The Sensors Certification Committee will operate under the terms & conditions of this agreement and will develop a specific policy that will define the operation of the Sensors Certification Committee.
  3. Select the stakeholder category that applies to your organization.
  4. Complete the company and contact information sections.
  5. Download, sign and return the Terms & Conditions portion of the application to
  6. You will receive an invoice within 48 hours to remit the membership dues. Please direct any other inquiries to



Any questions concerning your membership may be directed to:

IEEE Conformity Assessment Program 
Phone: +1 732 465 6421 

The program development founding membership is open to any entity currently participating in the IEEE 2510™ Working Group, stakeholders and other experts interested in supporting the development and promotion of a Sensors Quality of Data (QoD) Conformity Assessment Program. The period for enrollment for founding membership is open now.

Membership to the IEEE Sensors Certification Committee (SCC) is differentiated by entity type: Sensor and device Manufacturers & Systems Integrators, Test Labs, Government regulators, End-Users (Utilities, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Mining, Transportation, etc.), Academia and others. As a member of the Sensors Certification Committee, entities may nominate representatives to participate in the SCC.

The membership outlined in this application pertains to activities targeted to program development. A separate membership will be required for entities that want to support the launch and operation of the resultant certification program that may follow program development. 

As a member of the Sensors Certification Committee, you join an outstanding constituency of members who share a common vision to accelerate adoption of the IEEE 2510™ standard for Sensor QoD through a conformity assessment/certification program.

The membership fee schedule from 2018-2020 is provided below.


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Table 1: Founding Member Fee Schedule


Membership Validity

Member Category

Government Regulators / Universities / Non-Profits

End-Users, Manufacturers, Systems Integrators, Test Labs & Others

Founding Membership
Fee 5

Through December 31, 2019


$15,000 1

$12,500 2

$8,500 3

$4,500 4

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020


$15,000 1

$12,500 2

$8,500 3

$4,500 4

1) Corporations with more than $500 million annual revenue 2) Corporations with $100 to $500 million annual revenue 3) Corporations with $5 to $100 million annual revenue 4) Corporations with less than $5 million annual revenue, academic institutions, associations, nonprofits, government agencies 5) All annual fees are invoiced on June 1 of the prior calendar year.

Members who enroll now receive founding member status and benefits. All other entities are required to pay fees according to the above fee schedule for continued participation. Founding membership fees for 2019-2020 are reflected in Table 1 above. The certification program is not anticipated to be in full operation until next year. However, through your early participation, the following benefits will be afforded to you: 

  • Lead the definition and development of testing requirements, key policies and procedures
  • Vote on the approval of the IEEE 2510TM Test plan
  • Receive a free copy of the IEEE 2510TM test plan document after completion
  • Prominently featured as a founding member via issued press release and program website
  • Participation in the Sensors Certification Committee with full voting rights.
  • Reduced membership dues through June 30, 2020
  • Participation in IEEE sponsored conferences, workshops, outreach events and pilot testing events (additional fees may be required)
  • Attend all Sensors Certification Committee face-to-face meetings and teleconferences
  • Full access to members-only workspace and access to documentation
  • Ability to subscribe to member’s only email lists
  • Plus, attain access to the new IEEE Global Sensors Registry currently in development at no additional cost. 
  IEEE Sensors Registry Subscription Product Certification (per calendar year) Access to final draft of standard and test plan Access to early draft test suites Voting privileges in technical/business committee meetings Eligible for main and subcommittee chair positions  Pilot Testing
Founding Members Advanced X free Certifications
Regular Members (only available from 2019) Intermediate X free Certifications