IEEE Drone Application Conformity Assessment Program


With the growth of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) applications, the requirements for the interface of payload devices has become more and more diverse. Some major UAS applications include mapping, power grid inspections utilizing high-definition cameras, rescue operations and traffic control. Establishing common interface requirements and performance characteristics will aid in furthering the application and use of Drones.

The IEEE Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Applications and Communications Standards Committee (COM/AerCom SC) and the IEEE Conformity Assessment Program (ICAP) are jointly developing a conformity assessment program to ensure that UAS solutions can demonstrate conformance to related IEEE standards.

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IEEE 1937.1-2020 establishes a framework for Drone interface to payload. It defines the interfaces, performance metrics, provisioning, operation control and management for Drone payload devices.
IEEE 1936.1-2021 establishes a framework for support of drone applications. It specifies drone application classes and application scenarios and the required application execution environments.

IEEE 1939.1-2021 defines a structure for low altitude airspace that enables safe and efficient Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) traffic management.


The IEEE Drone Application certification program is being developed by the IEEE Drone Application Conformity Assessment Committee (CAC), comprised of industry stakeholders, that will benefit users, manufacturers, solution providers, regulators, and other potential beneficiaries.

IEEE is issuing a call for participation for entities to join this committee. The main objectives of this committee will likely include:

  • Demonstrate to buyers that UAV products or systems conform to the IEEE standards
  • Program participants adhere to the IEEE drone certification scheme
  • Testing is performed by IEEE recognized test laboratories
  • All certified devices or systems bear the IEEE Certified Mark and listed on the IEEE Registry



Individuals or entities working in or engaged with the following:

  • Manufacturers
  • Systems Integrators
  • Solution Providers
  • End-user Communities (Transportation, Energy, Law Enforcement, etc.)
  • Government Regulators 
  • Test Laboratories
  • Academic Community


  Member Category
Manufacturers, Integrators, Solution Providers End-Users,
Test Labs & Others
Founding Membership Fees 7
(must join before December 1 2022)
Annual Membership Fees 5 $15,0001 $12,5002 $7,5003 $3,5004

1. Corporations with more than $500 million annual revenue
2. Corporations with $100 to $500 million annual revenue
3. Corporations with $5 to $100 million annual revenue
4. Corporations with less than $5 million annual revenue, academic institutions, associations, nonprofits, government agencies
5. Membership fees are prorated on a quarterly basis for members that join during the year. All members who join after July 1 will be invoiced for the remainder of the current year and for all of the subsequent year
6. Membership will not commence until fees are paid in full.
7. Founding members will receive 30% discount on annual membership fees