Camera Phone Image Quality

Camera Phone Image Quality

Camera PhoneConsumers often use the megapixel count as a way to evaluate the camera and image quality of their mobile devices. However, there are many other factors that indicate image performance such as clarity under low light conditions, vibrancy of colors, and stabilization when images are in motion. In order to provide consumers with comprehensive and accurate evaluations, mobile device industry stakeholders are seeking ways to differentiate their products from their competitors.

As a result, the ICAP Camera Phone Image Quality (CPIQ) conformity assessment steering committee, based on IEEE P1858™, specifies tools and test methods to facilitate standards-based communication and comparisons among mobile operators, handset manufacturers, and component vendors regarding mobile device image quality™. The output of this program will enable an industry supported and easily understood consumer rating system, which can provide a visible indication of the image quality for multiple mobile devices that includes mobile phones and tablets.

Multiple Stakeholders May Benefit from the CPIQ Conformity Assessment Program

  • Consumers
    • Allows consumers to make educated purchasing decisions
    • Aids industry to develop better devices that meet consumers’ needs
    • Provides consumer protection in the form of independent verification of results
      • Mobile Device Image Quality™ Certification Program
      • Independent third party test laboratories
      • Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC) support and direction
  • Mobile Operators
    • Sets realistic user expectations
      • Less ambiguity about quality and experience; reduced customer complaints and lower product returns and exchanges
      • Allows for marketing to specific markets (e.g., selfies, printing, HD, 4K, etc.)
    • Allows for improved marketing of future improvements and features
      • Increase in rating is immediate indication of improvement
      • Ratings system will be updated to support new features and functionality
    • Encourages imaging as an enjoyable, desirable aspect of mobile devices both in marketing and at point of sale
      • Shows strengths of mobile devices

CPIQ Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC)

The CPIQ Conformity Assessment Steering Committee (CASC) is comprised of industry recognized subject matter experts and stakeholders from telecom carriers, mobile device manufacturers, chipset manufacturers, operating system vendors and testing laboratories.

CASC activities include:

  • The development of an easily understood, comprehensive consumer rating system
  • Leading in the promotion of the IEEE P1858™ standard
  • Developing a camera phone image quality testing and certification program that provides manufacturers with an independent and unbiased validation and certification
  • Developing program relevant components, e.g., certification scheme, policies, certification agreement, certification logo, etc.
  • Acting as advisors on test methods and the interpretation of the standards

To join the CPIQ CASC, please contact the ICAP Team.


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