Global Connected Healthcare
Cybersecurity Virtual Workshop Series

24 February 2021 - 1 December 2021

Welcome to the Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Workshop Series
Presented by IEEE SA and Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub

The Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Virtual 2021 Workshop Series is presented by the IEEE SA, IEEE P2933™ Working Group, and the Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub headquartered at Columbia University. We will convene a global community of leaders in healthcare, technology, and policy to develop mutual understanding and recommendations for standards to improve connected healthcare cybersecurity. The workshop series will delve into challenges and opportunities in connected healthcare security, privacy, ethics, trust and identity, including data and device validation and interoperability. Resulting recommendations will include an Integrated Systems Design approach, leveraging the TIPPSS framework being developed by IEEE working groups to enhance Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety and Security of clinical IoT and connected healthcare systems globally. Learnings will include:

  • Understanding the risks and threat vectors in connected healthcare and IoT systems
  • Advanced technologies which may be leveraged to address the risks, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and hardware/firmware/software security advances
  • Standards efforts and related technology and policy opportunities to address the risks

Who Should Participate
Healthcare, technology and policy experts and advocates including connected medical device hardware and software manufacturers, clinical engineers, IT organizations, security engineers, hardware, software and service developers and users for connected healthcare, public and private health insurance payors, healthcare delivery organizations, providers, patient advocates, regulatory, academia, research, technology ethicists, data scientists, and other relevant stakeholders.

How to Participate
The workshops will be presented LIVE on the scheduled broadcast dates and times. We invite participants to join the live sessions for maximum interactive and learning opportunities. However we will make the sessions available on-demand up to 24 hours after the live broadcast.


Workshop 1: 24 February 2021
Global Connected Healthcare Cybersecurity Risks and Roadmap

Workshop 2: 28 April 2021
Privacy, Ethics & Trust in Connected Healthcare

Workshop 3: 16 June 2021
Data & Device Identity, Validation & Interoperability in Connected Healthcare

Workshop 4: 22 September 2021
Connected Healthcare Integrated Systems Design

Workshop 5: 01 December 2021
Connected Healthcare Technology and Policy Considerations

Mohd Anwar
Associate Professor
North Carolina A&T State University
Florence Hudson
Executive Director
Northeast Big Data Innovation Hub and IEEE/UL P2933

Ms. Grace Wilson Marshall
Cybersecurity Consultant, FSS TECHNOLOGIES (FSST), IEEE SA
Student, Columbia University
Maria Palombini
Director, Emerging Communities & Opportunities Development,
Mitchell Parker
CISO, Indiana University Health
Dr. Nada Y. Philip
Associate Professor, Kingston University London
David Snyder, MBA, PE, CISSP
Consultant, 42TEK, Inc.
Parthiv Shah
Sr. Manager, Security Consulting, Cerner Corporation
Konstantinos Votis
Researcher, CERTH/ITI

The Standard for Clinical IoT Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security
This standard establishes the framework with TIPPSS principles (Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security) for Clinical Internet of Things (IoT) data and device validation and interoperability. This includes wearable clinical IoT and interoperability with healthcare systems including Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), other clinical IoT devices, in hospital devices, and future devices and connected healthcare systems. Learn more about the IEEE P2933 TIPSS standard or get involved with the  IEEE P2933™ Working Group.

Meta issues in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity touches every facet of our digital lives, even more given the enormous increase in remote working, learning, and social engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic, an increase that is not expected to disappear. The focus of this Industry Connections activity will be to work with practitioners in the field to identify necessary and implementable approaches with respect to existing and emerging technologies; and to better enable current and future professionals in increasing their likelihood of success across all applicable fields. Learn more.

WAMIII Virtual Talk Series
This series of webinars helps educate the global community of technologists, clinicians, healthcare professionals, regulatory, patient advocates, bio/pharma professionals and interested stakeholders regarding developing solutions around the safe, responsible and validated use of connected wireless medical devices in, on, and around us. Learn more about the WAMIII Program


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