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Whether you are looking to make your mark as an individual or on behalf of your organization, IEEE SA offers many different opportunities to make a meaningful impact for the benefit of humanity. 

Join other world-changers who are helping define future technologies. Participation opportunities are available in the following program areas:

New Technology - Industry Connections Programs & Activities A safe-harbor accelerator, where industry professionals collaboratively explore diverse technologies to determine appropriate paths for use and development. 

Standard Development - Facilitating the end-to-end creation, production and distribution of open, balanced, market-driven technology standards, leveraging our proven, time-tested framework. Opportunities are available at many different stages of development.

Conformity Assessment - Accelerating market adoption and streamlining implementation through the development of rigorous assessment programs that verify and certify the adherence of products and services to IEEE standards and established industry criteria. 

Government Engagement -  Opportunities available for local, regional and international policy makers champion the benefits of standardization and identify critical issues and opportunities at the intersection of emerging technology and global society. 

Governance - Influence the direction of IEEE by helping to drive policy, procedures and technology innovation with active participation on committees (NesCom, AudCom or RevCom).

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