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Newly Published Standards
  • IEEE 3001.11™-2017, Recommended Practice for Application of Controllers and Automation to Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

    This recommended practice covers the selection and application of controllers and automation to industrial and commercial power systems. This new standard is part of a larger project to revise and reorganize the technical content of the 13 existing IEEE Color Books, covering various topics that fall under the purview of the Industrial and Commercial Power Industry.

  • IEEE 2755™-2017, Guide for Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation

    New forms of software based intelligent automation technologies are emerging and because of the newness of this kind of automation capability, there are no common definitions of concepts, capabilities, terms, technology types, etc. This standard is intended to provide a set of definitions established by and for the community involved with Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA).

  • IEEE 802.16s™-2017, Standard for Air Interface for Broadband Wireless Access Systems--Amendment 4: Fixed and Mobile Wireless Access in Channel Bandwidth up to 1.25 MHz

    Mission critical entities have a strong preference for private, licensed networks in VHF/UHF frequencies for their data communications needs. VHF/UHF licensed channels narrower than 1.25 MHz are readily available in the secondary markets at a lower cost than commercial wideband channels. This standard specifies the air interface, including the medium access control layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY), of such combined fixed and mobile point-to-multipoint broadband wireless access (BWA) systems providing multiple services.

  • IEEE C62.42.0™-2016, Guide for the Application of Surge-Protective Components in Surge-Protective Devices and Equipment Ports—Overview

    Protection circuits used in power and telecom surge protective devices (SPDs) and equipment ports will often use several types of protective component. This guide will provide basic information on the characteristics of common protective component technologies to enable component selection. This overview part covers: protective functions, component technologies, common circuit designs, and information on the impulse (surge) generators used to test surge protective components (SPCs).

New Products and Solutions
Articles of Interest

IEEE Opens Its European Technology Centre in Vienna

IEEE continues to expand its global presence with the opening of the European Technology Centre in Vienna. The center will provide support and services to the European technical community, focusing specifically on the needs of academia, government, and industry…

State of Blockchain Adoption on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Podcast

In August 2017, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) sponsored a groundbreaking, independent research study focused on the State of Blockchain Adoption on the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. This study will offer detailed insights on unresolved issues, expectations and commitment towards adoption of blockchain for the pharmaceutical supply chain…

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Quantum Computing Will Change Everything, And Sooner Than You Expect

When we say an emerging technology represents a “paradigm shift,” it’s often hyperbole. In the case of quantum computers, it’s an understatement…

Learn more about IEEE P7130™, Standard for Quantum Computing Definitions

More from IEEE

Standards University: October E-Magazine Introduction to Conformity Assessment and Compliance

In this issue, we look at two different aspects of product compliance. With videos, we show the role of conformity assessment in ensuring that products meet design standards and regulatory compliance. We also provide insight into what is involved in actual testing to demonstrate compliance …

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Corporate Membership Program presents:

Blockchain - The Game Changer in the Optimization and Efficacy of Clinical Trials Webinar

Data sharing, data privacy, and patient recruitment in clinical trials are significant challenges for clinical research. There is a clear competitive relationship between data sharing and privacy where both must be satisfied: 1) The need for data-sharing amongst stakeholders (researchers, healthcare providers, and regulators); and 2) The need for patient privacy and confidentiality have created an unsustainable environment for existing legacy platforms that cannot ensure data integrity.

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Call for Nominations: IEEE Technical Field Awards and Eric Herz Staff Award

Nominations are due 15 January annually for the IEEE Technical Field Awards (TFA) and the IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award. All IEEE members are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields.

Nomination Guidelines, Award-specific Criteria, and Components of a Nomination Form

IEEE Eric Herz Outstanding Staff Member Award Information

All nominations must be submitted through the online nomination portal. 
For more information visit or e-mail

How Real is Movie A.I.? – Reelistic

Jay Iorio, futurist and Innovations Director for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association, joins us to talk about Artificial Intelligence on screen. Could we really fall in love with Her? Are Westworlds 'reveries' within reach? How does a Terminator know what's funny?

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Learn about the IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems.

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IEEE Standards Association Receives Twitter Verification.

Trust matters on Twitter. IEEE Standards Association is pleased to announce that is now Twitter verified. The Twitter “blue check” verification mark, assures our followers that tweeted information is, in fact, coming from a validated IEEE-SA source.

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