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Ready for Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day 2019

The 2019 Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day (E&IP@ATD) returns to the birthplace of the automotive industry—Detroit, Michigan. Hosted by Ford Motor Company, E&IP@ATD is the premier venue for automobile manufacturers, suppliers, semiconductor vendors, tool providers, engineers, scientists, educators and the media to share ground breaking ideas along with implementation strategies and applications related to Automotive Ethernet more.

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Articles of Interest

Expanding Bench-to-Bedside Research with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Language is both ambiguous and important in this fast-paced and changing artificial intelligence (AI) market. The terms AI, machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) are often used interchangeably, yet each term has its own properties…read more

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A Next Generation Sensing and Monitoring Platform for Quality Assessment of Perishable Foods

Monitoring of perishable foods using sensors is becoming increasingly popular, and standalone sensors for detecting the freshness of food are already in use. Similarly, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors for sensing, detecting, and utilizing cloud storage for data archiving are a reality today…read more.

Project Moon Base - Humans are preparing to build the first permanent settlement in space…read more

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New 2019 Members
  • 4Paradigm Inc.
  • 5Rights Foundation
  • Alibaba China Co. Ltd.
  • Alipay (China) Technology Co., Ltd
  • AntWorks Pte. Ltd.
  • Beijing Clustar Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Genomics Institute at Shenzhen
  • Beijing GreenValley Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Beijing Surgerii Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Benchmark Electronics Inc.
  • British Telecom
  • Bubi(Beijing) Network Technology Ltd.
  • CETC Big Data Research Institute Co.,Ltd.
  • Chengdu Aeronautic Polytechnic
  • Chengdu Sefon Software Co., Ltd.
  • China Mobile Chengdu Institute of Research and Development
  • China TOPRS Technology Co. Ltd.
  • ColdQuanta, Inc.
  • Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Digital Quotient Institute, Inc
  • Doble Engineering Company
  • EFOSS Consulting, Trade and Industrial Corp.
  • Fermata Energy
  • Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Hebei Tianhai Surveying and Mapping Service Co., Ltd
  • Hongguang Electric Group Co.,Ltd
  • Hubei University of Technology
  • Incheon business information technopark
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • LogiOcean Financial Technologies Ltd
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • OMICRON electronics Corp. USA
  • Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Peking University Collaborative Innovation Center for Geospatial Big Data
  • Phoenix Broadband Technologies
  • Prometheus Computing LLC
  • Shanghai Di'an Technology Inc.
  • Shanghai Yo-i Technology Co., Ltd
  • Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Shenyang Transformer Research Institute (STRI)
  • Shenzhen Keweitai Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd.
  • Sichuan University
  • Sichuan University of Science and Engineering Singtel
  • Sinovation Ventures AI Institute
  • SkillsFuture Singapore Agency
  • Swiss Re Management Ltd.
  • The Boeing Company
  • The Southwest Petroleum University
  • The Third Research Institute of The Ministry of Public Security
  • Tianjin WOMOW S&T Co.,Ltd
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • University of South China
  • Wiseweb Technology Group Co., Ltd.
  • YITU
  • Technology
  • Yixue Education, Inc.
  • Zhongjiao Remote Sensing Load Technology Co., Ltd.