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13 December 2017

IEEE Standards Association Propels Global Technology Innovation Into 2018

World's largest technical professional organization sees record number of standards activities addressing the social, economic and ethical challenges from emerging technologies.

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12 December 2017

IEEE Releases Ethically Aligned Design, Version 2 to show "Ethics in Action" for the Development of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (A/IS)

A key driver for ethical technology development, IEEE invites industry and expert input on Version 2 of Ethically Aligned Design: A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent…

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4 December 2017

IEEE Standards Association Recognizes Exceptional Contributions in Standards Development

Annual awards ceremony applauds significant achievement and participation in standards advancement.

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30 November 2017

IEEE Announces Formation of IEEE 802.11™ Light Communications Study Group

Group will drive global standardization efforts to advance light communications technologies as a solution to meet growing wireless capacity demands.

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17 November 2017

The IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Announces New Standards Projects

Focus areas address metrics for ensuring human wellbeing, developing methodologies to achieve ethically-driven nudging parameters, and establishing fail-safe mechanisms in autonomous and semi-autonomous systems.

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15 November 2017

IEEE Publishes Technology Report on IEEE Wake-Up Radio™ Aimed at Significantly Increasing Battery Life for Wireless Devices

Highlighting efforts of the IEEE 802.11ba™ Standards Task Group, the IEEE Wake-Up Radio Technology Report provides analysis on the application, market, and technology impacts of low-power/low-latency IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN…

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10 November 2017

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) and TRON Forum Sign Agreement to Advance IoT Development and Interoperability

Agreement transfers the leading real-time operating system (OS) title for 16- and 32-bit microprocessors deployed throughout the IoT ecosystem to IEEE.

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17 October 2017

IEEE Releases Findings from First Detailed Study of Blockchain Adoption in the Pharmaceutical Enterprise

Independent, comprehensive study examines barriers and benefits of adoption with pharmaceutical supply chain executives currently evaluating or testing the technology.

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12 October 2017

IEEE Approves Standard Amendment Project to Meet Demand for Greater Than 1 Gb/s Automotive Ethernet

IEEE P802.3ch™ Standard to define Physical Layer Specifications and Management Parameters to support media and operating conditions for applications in the automotive environment.

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12 October 2017

IEEE 741™ Amends Criteria to Protect Class 1E Systems and Equipment in Nuclear Power Generating Stations

Standard revision is a collaborative effort with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) to resolve longstanding conformance issues related to degraded voltage.

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10 October 2017

IEEE Approves Standards Project Addressing 3D Body Processing

IEEE P3141™ to address improving the quality of experiences, interoperability, communication, and security for 3D Body Processing technologies.

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2 October 2017

21st Global Standards Collaboration Meeting (GSC-21) Convenes World’s Leading Standards Bodies in Vienna, Austria

The 21st meeting of the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC), a high-level gathering of the world’s leading information and communication technologies (ICT) standards organizations, took place from 26-27 September 2017.

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13 September 2017

IEEE and Ecuadorian Standardization Service (INEN) Sign Agreement to Translate and Distribute IEEE Standards in Ecuador

IEEE and the Ecuadorian Service for Standardization (INEN) today announced the signing of a standards adoption agreement to utilize IEEE standards in Ecuador.

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8 September 2017

IEEE Co-Sponsoring Inaugural 2017 Wearables & Medical Interoperability (WAMI) Workshop

Event aims to advance wearable, wireless sensor interoperability for healthcare; exploring data collection, privacy and governance issues and building consensus for research, guidance and standardization efforts.

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23 August 2017

IEEE Approves Standards Project for Quantum Computing Definitions

IEEE P7130™ will establish a general nomenclature for Quantum Computing to standardize communication with related hardware and software projects.

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25 July 2017

IEEE and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Team on Standards Development for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation

Collaboration between NIST and IEEE P2302™ will help build consensus on creating an Intercloud - an open, transparent infrastructure amongst cloud providers to support evolving technological and business models.

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19 July 2017

IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems (AS) Drives, together with IEEE Societies, New Standards Projects; Releases New Report on Prioritizing Human Well-Being

New standards projects address data governance for children, students, and employers and can help develop AI agents to provide data vaults and algorithms allowing individual access and control of personal…

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29 June 2017

IEEE Announces IT Healthcare Standard and New Projects in Advance of the IEEE Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC ’17)

The 39th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) to highlight latest advancements in biomedical engineering, healthcare technology R&D, translational clinical research, technology transfer…

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9 May 2017

IEEE Announces Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Standards Projects In Advance of Participation at Augmented World Expo

Initial IEEE P2048™ standards projects launched as part of initiative to identify and pursue standards development across the entire VR/AR landscape.

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27 April 2017

IEEE Standards Association Announces Initiative Designed to Protect Digital Identity for the Global Community

New program aims to build consensus for standards, certifications, and codes of conduct designed to safeguard consumer and patient data.

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18 April 2017

IEEE Driving Collaboration on Advancing Blockchain Adoption Within the Pharmaceutical Industry

IEEE’s Pharma Supply Blockchain Forum is the first in a series to examine the technology’s potential to address the inefficiencies and ethics of interoperable data, data governance and standards development…

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22 March 2017

IEEE Approves New Standards Project IEEE P2755TM—Guide to Terms and Concepts in Intelligent Process Automation

IEEE P2755 to build industry consensus for clarity and consistency in the use of Software Based Intelligent Process Automation (SBIPA) terminology.

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16 March 2017

IEEE Solicits Global Input on Recently Introduced Vision for Prioritizing Human Wellbeing with Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems

Kicking off in India, "OurAIVision" Campaign Aims to Garner Extensive Feedback to Specific Issues Related to Ethically Aligned Design.

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9 March 2017

IEEE Announces Standards Project Addressing Algorithmic Bias Considerations

IEEE P7003TM defines specific methodologies and processes to help certify the elimination of negative bias in the creation of algorithms.

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16 February 2017

IEEE Unveils Details of "Tech for Humanity Series" Held at the Annual SXSW® 2017 Festival

Sessions explore the latest advancements and critical issues in the areas of artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, healthcare, wearables, “hearables,” synthetic biology and advanced human/machine interfaces.

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