Cutting-Edge Technologies for Life Sciences

Open collaboration and consensus-driven approaches for driving viable adoption in optimizing the development and distribution of food and medicine while protecting the end-user 

What We Do

Our work is to evaluate new technologies, understand how they may optimize, secure, and accelerate the development and distribution of food and medicine while protecting the end-user (patients and consumers). Cutting edge technologies include but not limited to: AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain/DLT, VR/AR, Smart Materials, and more. Areas of application: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceuticals, agriculture/food, and more.



How We Do It?

We assemble a global collaborative community of technologists, industry professionals, regulatory agents, advocacy groups, and other critical stakeholders who are passionate and committed to combating counterfeits, waste, and inefficiency while enhancing patient and consumer care and safety. This global collaborative work on technical standards working groups to develop solutions that alleviate the barriers to the adoption of these new technologies.

How to Participate

There different ways to collaborate and participate in driving the adoption of these technologies

  1. Collaborate and participate in existing working groups and pre-standards workstreams
  2. Bring new ideas and instantiate an activity
  3. Underwrite the overall program to financially support the incubation of ideas and programs for driving adoption

To discuss these or other opportunities, please contact:

Life Science Practice Lead


EmTechAG Forum  

The EmTech AG Forum is focused on the development of solutions to overcome barriers to the adoption of viable applications of artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain and IoTs for securing and optimizing the food value chain: from the source to the table. The forum empowers all participants to share, learn and collaborate to identify where solutions are needed.

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Understanding the Realities and the Intelligence Behind VR/AR Health Wearables
28 - 29 Jan 2020 Piscataway, NJ