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Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS)



At the IEEE SA our global community is developing accessible and sustainable approaches and solutions for practical application of AIS principles and frameworks.


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Ethics in Action

Featuring the latest news about Ethically Aligned Design and thought leadership from global leaders in AIS policy and technology


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Children's Data Governance Report

The report covers 11 companies that are building applications and websites with an awareness of the special needs and considerations of children’s privacy in mind. Explore the topics below and download the report to get a better understanding of their solutions.

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The Mark of AI Ethics

IEEE SA announces IEEE CertifAIEd; a mark designed to inspire trust and responsible innovation in AI systems. IEEE CertifAIEd offers a risk-based framework with a suite of AI ethical criteria that can be contextualized to fit organizations’ needs– helping them deliver a greater trustworthy experience for their users.

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Global Initiative

A community of over 3000 people from around the world working to ensure that all stakeholders designing, developing and using AIS are educated, trained and empowered to prioritize ethical considerations

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AI Systems Governance for Cities

The goal of this Community is to provide cities a mechanism to support responsible Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) innovation through proper governance mechanisms.

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AIS Well-being Initiative (PDF)

This community will work to provably align the increase of human well-being and ecological sustainability through AIS design and creation.


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Developing a growing series of technical and impact standards that promote innovation, foster interoperability and honor human values

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Developing metrics and processes towards the implementation of a certification methodology addressing transparency, accountability and algorithmic bias

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Empowering professionals to practically address and implement ethical considerations when developing autonomous and intelligent products and services.


The Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law
6-7 December 2021
Konstantinos Karachalios, IEEE SA Managing Director, will be joining other renowned thought leaders and experts at The Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law.

Measurementality Series
28 Jan - 28 Oct 2021
Measurementality is a new series of podcasts, webinars and reports created by the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) in collaboration with The Radical AI Podcast.

WAMIII Virtual Talk Series
This series aims to educate the global community in developing solutions around connected wireless medical devices.