IEEE-SA - Digital Inclusion through Trust and Agency
Identifying and creating consensus throughout technologies that have potential to alter policy and business landscape, with particular focus on disruptive innovation


The purpose of this Industry Connections program is to bring technologists, academics, and industry executives together to build consensus and develop a framework towards solutions that facilitate digital inclusion, trust, personal data agency and security for all members of the global community.

Exploration of this activity may include:

Leveraging a multi-stakeholder perspective to develop comprehensive roadmaps, industry action reports, and educational platforms (e.g., certification courses, summits, and webinars) that address open and consensus building processes by:

  • Engaging policy advocates and leaders across different countries to identify and create standards that will have a positive impact on the policy and business landscape with a particular focus on disruptive innovation
  • Examining the ethical considerations around consumer/patient data in all cases
  • Engaging the broader community in the domains of digital identity, distributed ledger technology, and related fields
  • Coordinating and partnering with other initiatives with common areas of interest, focus and applications (e.g., includes IEEE AI Ethics Program, Cybersecurity Initiative, IEEE Internet Initiative, and others as appropriate)


Initiative Outcomes

To best advance the goal of designing and developing trust-enabling solutions for the global community, the Industry Connections program for Digital Inclusion Through Trust Agency seeks to cultivate and influence the key groups in the online ecosystem to:

  • Have agency over our data and cyber-identity
  • Provide the capacity to identify ourselves online in a way that protects our privacy, our right to be forgotten, and our off-line ability to have multiple personas
  • Give a voice to the underserved and vulnerable with the creation of standards that are inclusive of their needs
  • Encourage distributed ledger technology (e.g., Blockchain) standards that facilitate financial inclusion and other decentralized data sharing capabilities
  • Develop a collaborative approach to technology and policy design regarding digital inclusion, trust, personal data, agency, security and privacy for all demographics


Get Involved

To help bridge the policy goals of digital inclusion with the technical realities and challenges to be addressed in achieving this vision, governments, innovators of internet infrastructure and services, industry executives will be included in this work. The initiative is global, open and inclusive, welcoming all representatives of organizations across multiple industries dedicated to identifying low risk approaches to digital identity to assist in addressing current and future governance challenges.

The program will examine key areas of interest including but not limited to:

  • Agency
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Ethics
  • Governance
  • Infrastructure
  • Privacy
  • Security


How to Participate

Learn more about this Industry Connections program by contacting one or more of the following:

Program Chairs:

How to Participate

Learn more about this Industry Connections program by contacting one or more of the following:

Program Chairs: